Running the Colfax Marathon? Bolder Boulder 10K? Just trying to get in shape?

Our 18-week training plan for marathon glory starts the week of January 8th, 2018. Colfax marathoners should already be building up with a steady diet of easy runs. For the month of January, you'll do the workouts on your own or feel free to meetup with your teammates and do them together (posting on the Harriers' Facebook page is the best way to find partners). Once the coached workouts begin in a few weeks, we'll integrate those into our Tuesday and Thursday workouts.

Downloadable Colfax Marathon Training Plan (.xls)

For those doing other races or general training this spring, your assignment for the month of January is 14-21 easy runs. Keep the pace easy and the distances reasonable. What does that mean? If you took a break for the holidays, start back with runs of 2-4 miles. If not, start at a comfortable distance. Take a day off between runs for the first couple weeks. Once you've been at that, add a mile or two to your runs and start adding in consecutive days (not every single day!).

Don't forget that running strong means getting strong. While you're building your running base, build in some strength too. A simple workout routine to do 3-4 times a week is the "7-minute workout" (and there's an app too). Or hit the gym and make sure you cover your core and legs. Strength training is important for injury prevention and speed!

That is all for now. Announcements and plans are coming soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions or are running some other races soon, feel free to drop us a line. 

Running Routes

400m / 0.25 Mile: North HS Track (Denver)

400m / 0.25 Mile: Boulder Public Library (Boulder)

800m / 0.5 Mile: Boulder Public Library (Boulder)

1500m: City of Cuernavaca Park, 2 laps (Denver)

1600m / 1 Mile: Commons Park (Denver)

1600m / 1 Mile: Berkeley Lake (Denver)

2K / 1.25 Mile: Commons Park (Denver)

3.2K / 2 Mile: "Low-High" Hill Intervals (Denver)

3.2K / 2 Mile: Central Platte (Denver) 

4K / 2.5 Mile: Washington Park, outer loop (Denver)

4.1K / 2.6 Mile: Sloan's Lake

5K / 3.1 Mile: Central Platte (Denver) - CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION

6.4K / 4 Mile: Central Platte (Denver) - CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION