Running the Colfax Marathon? Rino 5K? Pearl Street Mile? Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon? Just trying to get in shape? The Harriers' team 2019 Training Plan (google sheets) is online for workouts through the summer and fall races. We’ll continue to update through the season, so check back regularly for individual workouts.  

Tuesday Speed (Track) Workouts:

  • Boulder, 6:30 am, Centennial Middle School Track

  • Denver, 6:30 am, Denver North High School Track

Thursday Tempo Workouts:

  • Boulder, 6:00 pm, Upslope Brewing (Flatiron Court)

  • Denver, 6:30 pm, Highland Bridge & Platte St

training resources

Download the full 2018 Coaching Clinic here!

Training Focus: Running in the Heat & Humidity


Don't forget that running strong means getting strong. While you're building your running base, build in some strength and form too. A simple workout routine to do 3-4 times a week is the "7-minute workout" (and there's an app too). Or hit the gym and make sure you cover your core and legs. Strength training and form is important for injury prevention and speed! 

Butt Kicks & High Knees

A, B, C Skips

Lateral Movement ("Karaoke", "Carioca", "Grapevine")

Bounding ("Super Marios")

Basic Form

Strength: The 7-minute Workout

Denver Running Routes

400m / 0.25 Mile: North HS Track

1500m: City of Cuernavaca Park, 2 laps

1600m / 1 Mile: Commons Park 

2K / 1.25 Mile: Commons Park

3.2K / 2 Mile: "Low-High" Hill Intervals

3.2K / 2 Mile: Central Platte

4K / 2.5 Mile: Washington Park, outer loop 

4.1K / 2.6 Mile: Sloan's Lake

5K / 3.1 Mile: Central Platte

6.4K / 4 Mile: Central Platte

Boulder Running Routes

400m / 0.25 Mile: Boulder Public Library

800m / 0.5 Mile: Boulder Public Library