head coach

Joe arencibia

Joe is a USATF certified and registered coach, as well as RRCA certified. He has over nine years of experience in team and personal coaching, including as Head Coach of the New York Harriers, a 200+ member competitive running team in New York City. Joe has a passion for geeking out, with a strong emphasis on building strength, recovery, and injury-prevention into race training. 


Our supportive and talented coaches bring a great mix of experience and knowledge in team coaching, including certifications through Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), USA Track & Field (USATF), and USA Triathlon (USAT).

Basic Structure & Philosophy

Weekly workouts are the foundation of a detailed team training plan that supports our team race schedule, as well as individual goals. We honor the principle that "seriousness" is not a function of your speed or your particular genetic potential. It's a function of your goals and commitment. The same rules of training, improvement, physiology, and intensity apply to 10-minute milers and 4-minute milers. 

  • SPEED WORKHigh-intensity interval training. Specific intervals are run hard, and each is followed by a short rest period before the next. Intervals are usually between 200 meters to 1 mile depending on the training cycle.

  • TEMPO - STEADY STATE RUNNING: Specified intervals or a mid-distance run (4 to 10 miles depending on training cycle) at a steady pace that is 85% to 90% of your maximum aerobic capacity.

  • LONG RUN:  Longer distance run (10 to 20 miles depending on training cycle) at a medium to slow (aerobic) pace

  • ACTIVE RECOVERY: Short to medium distance runs at a very easy, low intensity pace

Locations are listed on the calendar. Please email if you have any questions.

The Training & Racing Cycle

The year is divided is three main parts. During pre-season training, we focus on building up our aerobic base and resistance to injury. There are no scheduled team races in pre-season. The core of the year is the racing season. During that time, we increase the intensity of training and target specific team races. In the off-season, it's a time to recover. There are no scheduled team workouts or races. 

Training Cycle 2018.png

Workouts during these times are designed for overall individual goals: spring long distance races, shorter distance racing, and fall long distance races. We will also help tailor and adjust workouts for individuals with different race goals and those recovering from injuries.